Sticky notes

Intelligent annotation for your source code.

Omniref is the only tool that allows you to attach notes directly to your source code. Our annotation engine tracks your code as it changes, and keeps your notes in the right place as your project grows and evolves.

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Attach notes to lines of code

Attach markdown-formatted notes to a singe line, a block, or to a whole file. Your note will stay attached to that code — forever.

Our annotation engine ensures that as your code moves over time, your notes move with it.

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Easily travel through time

We determine the complete revision history for every line of code in your project. So you can follow a single line to its origin, or just see how a block has changed over time.

With one click, you can scroll back in time to see old notes, and forward to see newer ones. Navigating change history has never been easier.

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Seamless Github integration

Already using GitHub pull requests and issues? We automatically annotate your soruce code with every pull request, issue and comment in your repository. Document your code with the tools you already use!

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Code review — that documents your code!

Omniref is the natural tool for code-review. So natural, in fact, that we've built it right in.

Omniref code reviews become notes that stay attached to the reviewed code. Code reviews finally fulfill their promise: as critical documentation for your team!

Features you’ll love

Supports full markdown syntax.
Annotatable, side-by-side diffs.
Smart updates: comments move with lines, and disappear when no longer relevant.
Easily track the revision history of a block of code — or even a single line.
Move forward and backwards in file history with a single click.
Works with any repository where you can create a pull request.
Use GitHub permissions to manage users and access.
No lock-in — leave at any time.

Plans and Pricing

Omniref is free for public projects. Collaborate on private repositories with our paid plans.

Open Source

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Custom Solutions

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